What does it mean?

Mom, that man with that sign over there-

Where does he come from?

What does he need?

“Here’s a dollar, but come right back over here.”

I have a dollar, mister

“Thank you my boy”

What does it mean you’ll work for food?

“I have no other options, no other means

But I have arms and legs,”

This much can be viewed.

Why do you sit on the ground?

My dad wears a suit

And buys my lunch and my dinner

Do you have a dad?

Do you have a suit?

I had both, but I wasn’t a winner.”

“Come along now Thomas”

I have to go now

Will you get what you need to survive?

“I have no prospects, but by your kindness

I will indeed, I surmise.”

He was nice, mom

He had things to say

There’s just one thing that doesn’t sit right

We have so much,

But he has so little

Where does he go when it’s night?

“Don’t worry about him,

Worry about school

Get good grades and work harder

Do your best, make lots of friends

Don’t think for a second you’re smarter”

I am smart

I am good

I am all of these things that matter

You tell me I am, I show you I am

I know the difference between former and latter

When I grow up, I’ll buy a house

I’ll have a wife and a boy just like me

I won’t work for food, this much I conclude:

I’ll be the best I can possibly be.

Some months and years later

Loans, degrees; now a waiter

Day by day, while the years fly by

Writing a little,

Spending a little

Checks and tips, on which to rely

Stock market friendly

Gourmet and trendy

In dense and immense city life

No home that I own

This boy’s fully grown:

No white picket fence, and no wife.

I have time though

This much I know

I’m in no race to get to the top

Writing and reading

Dining and greeting

I can do what I love ’til I drop.

News on the radio, the sky looks different

Is it raining? Just a sprinkle. I love it.

Now it’s stopped raining

The sky still looks different

It’s coming down hard, what’s above it?

Baby blue, now pitch black

From Wuhan, it’s back

’58, ’68, 2020

Hindsight and technology

Cut costs, no apology

A leader no leader

Appalling me.

Ill-prepared to turn ill

A nations sits still

As a man no man says “Easter”

The storms still a-coming

Death and Panic are humming

Denial while death tolls increase here

We’ll get through this I know it

But we continue to blow it

More and more lives will be lost.

For me it’s about breathing,

Our numbers decreasing,

While some others say “But think of the cost!”

Here I sit

Don’t transmit

That’s my singular goal day to day now

I once had job, just a month and it’s gone

An industry in shambles to turn back to

Hopeful and friendly

This too shall pass and then we

Go back to life as before, and then be

Back to normal? Unlikely

I know others like me

Out of work. Back to work?

We might be.

It’s hard to imagine it

It was hard to imagine this

Depression, a depression, they loom

Options abound.

Congress: turn around.

Save people, save people, and we will

Live on to thank you

No we’re not like the bank who

Will fund you if you save them first

But in this nation we matter

We give you votes and we flatter.

We the people, we’re your people

From 13 to 50, we’re millions.

But those at the top, they call the shots

Our lives now depend on their billions.

Here I sit

Don’t transmit

Weeks and months, they continue to go by

I have my health, she has her health,

But thousands continue to die.

Rent is due, bills are due

I’m still out of work, so are you.

I got good grades

I was really smart

I have friends and a strong ethic.

Now I just feel I’m pathetic.

As I sit here it doesn’t feel good

Yes I have my health

But for long not much else

Do different? Not sure what I would.

Luck is a factor, much is a factor,

Dreams and passions could once be pursued

In the richest country in the history of the world

But I’m here to tell you:

I will work for food.

Nothing to read here. Move along, people.

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